RAW - CBC Project
Winter 2020
Animator and Co-Director for CBC video project. View the video at the link below:
Read about the Genesis of the project here: 

mom's garden - 妈妈的菜园
Spring 2019
Installed in the Media, Art and Performance campus at the University of Regina.
Exhibited for the Plants in Contemporary Art Course instructed by Zachari Logan.
Animation projected onto 124 physical frames of sketchbook paper.
110 in by 38.5 in
An ode to paper animation; Clara archives her ancestral mother-tongue as she draws from the roots of her Mother’s Garden.
The garden is grown from the seeds of mother's hometown farm in Yangchun, China. 
Soft Pastels
Soft Pastels
Soft Pastels
Soft Pastels

Winter 2019
Co-animated with Peri McFarlane and Jacey Byrne
Screened at the 2019 Emerging Lens Cultural Film Festival in Halifax Nova Scotia
My main roles where Art Direction, concept art, visual design, and frame by frame animation
In collaboration with Tara Taylor from Charles Taylor Theatre, and Curtis Bell, author of Hood Habits.
Animated promotion for the play Hood Habits
Contact for link to short film
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