5 PROJECTS EXPLORING WAYS OF ANIMATING // 2018 - 2019 // Nova Scotia + Saskatchewan + Ontario
2019 Demo Reel
Mom's Garden
June 20, 2019
Installed in the Media, Art and Performance campus at the University of Regina.
Exhibited for the Plants in Contemporary Art collection with Zachari Logan.
Hood Habits - Group film
Co-animated with Peri McFarlane and Jacey Byrne
My main roles where Art Direction, concept art, and frame by frame animation
In collaboration with Tara Taylor from Charles Taylor Theatre, and Curtis Bell, author of Hood Habits.
Animated promotion for the play Hood Habits
Anination - animation nation
Media Toolbox
2D animation and paper cut outs
Exhibited at the Winter 2019 Expanded Media Showcase // NSCAD Film Academy Campus // Halifax, Nova Scotia
Winter 2019 practice reel
Maya + Photoshop
NSCAD University // Expanded Media + Animation
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